permaculture aquaponie suisse CBD naturel sans conservateurs

We are active in Switzerland and Europe with more than 12,000 points of sale to date.
Swiss production and respectful of the environment.

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Wholesale trade, and business sale.

  • CBD flowers, 0.2 and 1% CH and EU
  • CBD CBG CBN Oils, 0.2 and 1% CH and EU
  • Inusions of CBD CH
  • Bio-mass CH
  • Distiled CH
  • Isolate crystals CH EU
  • Cuttings CH
All products are guaranteed high quality and comply with the standards in force in Switzerland and Europe.

Do you want to produce CBD otherwise?
Our goal is to promote and export our expertise on other local productions in aquaponics. We accompany you in this project from A to Z.

Ethicgrow sa first franchise of ecogrow sa

We are currently working on a production GMP standards, we will soon have the authorizations for placing on the Swiss and European market.

We offer microgreen and local fish according to our principles on our site of Bussigny. We sell these products exclusively to high-end restaurants.