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Recreate ecosystems and make cities reclaim agriculture

One of the consequences of global warming is the drastic reduction in the amount of arable land. Added to this is the pollution of water tables by pesticides and fungicides, linked to increasing industrialisation and the development and increasing density of urban centres that are gaining ground and devouring agricultural land.

One of the solutions to this crisis is to bring agriculture back to urban centres by appropriating abandoned sites, optimising crops in these places and allowing the production of vegetable and animal proteins. The goal is to recreate an ecosystem in a closed environment, without using fertilisers, minimising the use of energy through LEDs, which is a new energy model, and optimising the surface and therefore the production capacity, and doing all this without any ecological consequence or impact.


Cultures in aquaponics, a circular system in perfect self-sufficiency, respectful of the environment.

We grow crops according to the principle of aquaponics, a circular cultivation system, which is completely and symbiotically independent. Aquaponics is an ancient farming technique that uses fish to fertilise the land, a bacterial filter and biological fertilisers.

Aquaponics allows intensive production throughout the year due to the land being fertilised by the droppings of fish that are bred in large aquariums / ponds? The droppings are rich in nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, a source of nutrients for plants and therefore a perfect fertiliser.


High-tech farms that recreate the natural cycles of crops with energy efficiency.

Aquaponics is a very successful form of permaculture, or sustainable and ecological cultivation. Our technology makes it possible to recreate natural cultivation cycles in a closed environment. Our farms are fully automated, meaning that light, ventilation, aeration and temperature are managed remotely, thus the entire ecosystem is controlled constantly This helps to maintain a perfect environment for quality crops by controlling the components and thus maintaining the balance and stability of the factors necessary for good plant growth. Our environment is protected, optimised at stable temperatures and protected from any harmful external agents. The same conditions as outside are recreated and the negative external agents are removed.